Amy Lippincott

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Amy Lippincott

Trusting with Tracie

Cancer………what a scary word! I will never forget the day my dear sweet friend Tracie called to say there was a mass on her mammogram reading. It was nothing RIGHT???

So the journey began down the dreaded cancer road. Tracie is such a trooper and a fighter! Our first visit was to the doctor to have the body scan done and with her sister we turned into a fun day with laughing and lunch! Its great to not know what you don’t know!

I remember Tracie trying on wigs being brave for all of us and her hair falling out in big chunks each time she slipped that hose on and off her hair. She got a beautiful wig, her sweet mom made sure of that! I think she only wore it for our benefit! We were on our Spring Break vacation staying in the hotel room and getting ready for bed when my 5 year old asked her “WHERE did your hair go? How are you going to sleep with NO hair??
We have chosen boob size, chosen wigs, watched chemo treatments, listened to lots of doctor reports, researched, cried, laughed and cried some more!

Tracie was surrounded with love and support because Tracie lived her life as a Christian example to all. She fought this horrible disease with grace, kindness, and a strength that can only come from above.
I am so thankful to have been a part of Tracie’s journey! I know her experience has made her a stronger person and willing to give back so freely.

Thanks Team Tiara for all you do for the cause!

Amy Lippincott- Proud friend of a survivor

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