Leslie Williams

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Leslie Williams

My name is Leslie Williams, and I am a Survivor!

I had my first baseline mammogram at the age of 35. I came back at the age of 40 as recommended, and my mammogram was negative. In late 2009, at the age of 41, I went two months past my yearly exam after discovering a lump in my left breast. I was almost too busy that year to get a timely mammogram. That’s when I found out I had breast cancer.

Stage1 breast cancer changed my life forever. But it wasn’t for the worst. My faith in God and being a Christian sustained me through it all. This experience also revealed who my friends and family truly were. Because of breast cancer walks, events and research funding I was assured that my health was in good hands with the latest technology, services and treatments available to me. All of that matters to someone like me!

Fortunately there is no family history of any cancer, especially breast cancer. Unfortunately I had triple negative cancer which is aggressive and has had, until recently, limited treatment options. However, that’s literally changing by the day.

My quality of life is as if I never missed a beat. If anything I have a new lease on life. My family, friends, strangers and co-workers who walk for the ‘cause’, made sure of that.

For fun I like to collect cookbooks, pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, shop and explore other people’s passion. Lastly the second language I speak is Food, the universal language of love! But seriously, I would love to learn sign language.

Being a breast cancer survivor has given me a permanent membership to a sorority nobody pledges with; but it also gives me a lifelong relationship with men and women who will always be connected.

I’ve been blessed to share my experience on TV, online testimonials, a magazine story and a billboard. I will continue to share my story until there is a cure or a discovery of the cause. Maybe one day we can prevent cancer from happening all together. And that is my Prayer!

May God keep and bless everyone abundantly!

Leslie Williams

Arlington, TX


  1. Sister friend… we speak the same language!!!! I have never heard it put any better than that. We need to get together… I can teach you sign language (for real) and we can share in our love of food!!!
    God Bless you my friend. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  2. So proud of you ! Continue to allow God to use you as a vessel . So proud of you .

  3. I knew when you were born that God meant for me to share you with others to minister to. Leslie, you are my first born and I thank you for letting me be your mother. Your anointing from God allows you to share your story with others. May the Lord continue to use you in a mighty way – he has saved your body and spirit because he loves you. I am going to be forever grateful that God is your first love – continue to let him use you. – Mom

  4. Leslie!
    I’m so glad that we are BREAST friends.

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