Sherry Taylor

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Sherry Taylor

Reaching my 5 year survivor anniversary makes me look back at how far I’ve come after being diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and receiving a lumpectomy.  Do I dare call it an adventure? After being told I did not have BC but seeking a second opinion only to find It really was did teach  me to trust my inner self and God’s intervention.

Receiving Chemo for hours at a time made me learn to sit quietly even though my mind was racing telling me to run run run. Radiation treatments…35…of them,  just driving up to the parking spot that had a sign “Cancer Patient” made me seek further away parking. Was this a state of denial? No! it was a statement that BC was gone and this treatment was just the icing on the cake of treatments.

Having been involved with the Susan G Komen 3 Day walks, 4 of them, and having my dear friend of 31 yrs. Pam at my side created such memories of tears, laughter, aches and pains, cute Drs., pink tents and of course the white ones, pit stops, sweeper vans, supporters, family involvement, closing ceremony. Yea,the closing ceremony. To me it was and is a statement that there is an END TO BREAST CANCER.

I’m moving forward but not without mentioning the caretakers. I really should say comfort-givers. My greatest one was my late husband Ed. Thank You All!

My 5th year anniversary is a renewal, a commitment to good health, an awareness, and the answering the question “What is life after Breast Cancer?”
The answer being to me “Hello World, Here I Come!”

Staying Strong Together!
Sherry A  Taylor

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  1. I Love my Sherry and I’m so grateful that God has used her healing and hope to affect so many lives. Awesome job…good friend. Pam

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