Betty Sommer

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Betty Sommer
Hello, my name is Betty Sommer.  I am founder and director of Causes for a Cure, a non-profit charitable organization created in February, 2011 in memory of my daughter, Stacy Gaecke.
Many of you, who live in Cy-Fair, knew her…many knew and loved her.  On February 13, 2009, we heard those dreaded words, “You have breast cancer.”  As any warrior and survivor will tell you, your life immediately turns into a whirlwind of doctor appointments, scans, tests, chemo, radiation and all the ups and downs that the journey can lead you on.
Stacey had Triple Negative Breast Cancer and it was God’s plan to take her to be with him.  We buried her exactly one year after her diagnosis on February 13, 2010.  Oh yes, I question why and…No, I don’t have the answer.  We are unable to understand how He chooses those to heal and survive and those to take to be with him, but we have to trust that He is Omniscient…all knowing.  I truly believe there is a purpose within everything that happens in our lives.  Some we understand…some we don’t.  Losing Stacey changed my life in many, many ways.
Stacey touched many, many lives with Christ’s love and walked in faith and perseverance in her biggest battle; always continuing to glorify God even in adversity.  With our loss, it has made me aware that there is so much yet to be done to end breast cancer.  We are so thankful for the progress that has been made and for the many survivors that are reading this post right now.  The fact is that we are still losing lives to metastatic breast cancer and we need to work diligently on finding the “cause” of breast cancer to be able to move forward “preventing” it, going past the need for a cure.
Causes for a Cure was created purposefully to raise funds to support breast cancer  research.   I avidly support Dr. Susan Love Breast Cancer Research and serve as a Texas Troop Organizer for the Army of Women (a partnership between Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and Avon Foundation).  I also am a member and support The National Breast Cancer Coalition, who have set a goal of ending breast cancer by 2020.   I encourage any of you who are breast cancer advocates to research their websites and consider supporting them as well.
Thank you Team Tiara for what you are doing for breast cancer research!  Thank you for standing with and for those survivors and warriors and may God bless your efforts.  We are all there for the same purpose…putting a end to breast cancer and being there for those walking the journey.
The picture?  Two precious reasons I do what I do!

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  1. looking forwardto working with you for a great cause.

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