Nadine Lefkof

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Nadine Lefkof

Most people participating in the 3-Day have a story…of who they have lost, why they are so passionate, why they are willing to do all that is required of us to take part in this incredible event.  I don’t feel like I have a story, so much.  But I’ll tell what I have.  When I was a teenager, I learned that a friend of my mom’s had breast cancer.  Over the years, I watched her battle this disease, sometimes rejoicing, but ultimately her body was defeated.  I will never forget driving 3 hours home and back to attend her funeral with my newborn in the back seat. I worked for a hospice organization after my first child was born and dealt with all types of cancer and its long-term effects (both of the disease and its treatment) EVERY DAY.  I have a dear friend who has a 4-year-old daughter who is battling a rare form of cancer. At this stage of my life, in my mid-30s, it seems like I hear of someone who is newly diagnosed or no longer in remission every few weeks if not sooner.

But this year, what’s made me hop on board and jump in with both feet is the loss of a beautiful wife and mother, a good friend to many of my friends, Lora.  I didn’t know her all that well (which I realize was MY loss!!), but I prayed her and her family through her battle because she was a part of my community and my circle of contacts here.  I see her kids most days at the elementary school, and her daughter and mine are friends. Not close friends, but friends nonetheless. I kept up with her progress through our mutual friends and her facebook page, which her husband and dear friends kept updated.  Praying for someone gives you an intimate connection to that person and the lives of their families, and I found myself rejoicing and praising God with the good reports and crying over the bad ones.  And the day after she went to be with the Lord, I knew that it was my turn to walk. For Lora. For the privilege it was to be called “Lora’s Prayer Warrior.” For those who loved her who she left behind.

Please donate to a walker today. Maybe not me but someone you know. Fundraising is tough and we do it because we are passionate about the cause. No matter what you think of Susan G. Komen lately, donate because you care about the people who  have their own very personal reason for walking, training, fundraising and sleeping in a freezing cold tent (maybe even with someone who snores!) for 2 days because THIS MATTERS TO THEM. Support Pinktober365 because metastatic breast cancer is what kills, and Team Tiara has taken on the huge task of raising awareness and raising grant money for research on metastatic breast cancer. Donate because we all do what we do in the hopes that one day, breast cancer will be a thing of the past.


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