Walter Reed

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Walter Reed

This story is meant to give my family some peace and strength because Lord knows we all need it. I am also writing to share a story about a woman, daughter, friend, sister and our best friend that we will always love. But, before I get started with this letter, I want to thank my sister- in- law, Kim Litman, for allowing me tell my story to you and others who have lost a loved one or someone close to them. Through my story I hope to help ease the pain that feels like it can never leave your chest and mind. 

I want to tell a great story about a loving person who we had a chance to be blessed to know. And also, to help us see that no matter how bad it seems, we are stronger then we want to believe we are. This is hard to write because there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my sister and how we talked just about every day. I am the oldest but with her around she always gave words that I can say no one and I mean no one could take that away from us. She always said something that helped in some way or another and to live our life with a free mind and to just be you. I have to say it hurt me when my sister died because she was 32 years old, never married nor did she have kids to share her warming heart and carefree sprit with. There’s so much that I could put on this letter but I won’t. I really want this letter just to make people aware of what comes out of this whole thing.
My sister Crystal was diagnosed in September of 2009 with Breast Cancer. In December of 2009 she had her breast removed. Then in September of 2010 she was told that she was “cancer free” but come to find out in January 2011 when she made a trip to the emergency room with a hacking cough, the cancer had spread to her lungs. Then, in Feb 2011 she passed away.
I would love for people to do what’s needed to catch this “sick” thing ahead of time than to wait until it is too late. This sick disease does not have an age limit but we need to remember what’s more important than anything else (work, TV, etc…) is your health, family and friends.
Crystal was a hard worker. Everyone always told her that she needed to slow down and get herself together but she wouldn’t listen. Her heart was so big that she looked over how people were, even knowing that they did not always have the best intentions. She was loyal to the same company for 13 years until she was forced to leave due to her illness. She took only one week off in the 13 years and that was to attend my wedding (per the picture)… We are the two in the back of this picture.
As an advocate for my sister I want you all to be aware that this is a killer and does not discriminate. That is why I annually donate to my sister-in-law (Kimberly Litman’s) walk-a-thon and I continually tell people about my sister and educate myself as well as others on things that you can eat that are great cancer fighters. Anything orange has been noted to have cancer fighting ingreadiants. This would include, yams, butternut squash soup, 100% pumpkin in the can and carrots are just a few things. Also, I don’t know if you all are aware, but there is a new type of stem cell research that is being experimented with in regards to breast cancer. Suzan Summers herself had it done, to where they take fat from your belly and attach it to the stem cells in the breast and they grow to where you have normal breast again. According to her, right now this is experimental and FREE to the general public. So, this is something that if necessary, might be checked into.
All I can say is that try and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as be smart in what you eat. It is very important.
I will close this now, but I really hope this will help people see life is worth more than any amount of money. Family and friends need to stand by their loved ones side and help them in any way they can. We need to make sure we are there for are loved ones even when they say everything is fine. We waited too long and it cost us are best friend, sister, daughter. So as I close please find the time to just tell them how much you love them and mostly that you are there.
Thank you for letting me put my words on your site to share what we are going through every day. But the key is to fight for your loved ones like we know they would fight for us.


  1. Walter,

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us of what is important. I also am the oldest and hate to think of what life would be like with one of us gone.

    Peace and comfort to you and yours.

  2. Walter, This is your aunt Carol I too lost a great person to cancer my mom in June of 2011 with cancer didn’t even knew she had it until it was to late it was already in the fourth stage they thought it was her gall bladder but it was founded diagnosis as ovarian cancer. Now I’m left with a empty spot in my life that was my best friend so I know how you feel. Love you Aunt Carol

  3. Wallie, thank you for re-iterating the importance of taking care of “self.” You know that I am with you on this health thing (diet, excercise, relieving stress, proper rest, and the like). Of course you know Grandma Reed passed from pancreatic cancer. I always though that Crystal looked just like momma. You are on a mission, keep up the good work. Love ya!

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